Wrought Iron Chandeliers


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El Solstico
"El Solstico"


17"H x 42"L - 4 Lights

Model #5004


24"H x 48"W - 12 Lights

Model #1071
Gran Encanto
"Gran Encanto"

Grand Charm

48"W x 48"H - 8 Lights

Model #1061
Flor Espanola
"Flor Espanola"

Spanish Flower
42"W x 40"H - 8 Lights

Model #1007
Grande Candella
"Grande Candella"

Grand Light Pendant
16" W x 28" H - 4 Lights

Model #2010
Joya Magica
"Joya Magica"

Magic Jewel

22"W x 32"H - 8 Lights

Model #1060
Vela Classica" Double tier
"Vela Classica" Double tier"

Classic Candle 72" Diameter
30 Lights Model #1072

Model #1072
La Serendipia
"La Serendipia"


20"H x 20"W - 6 Lights

Model #2035

36"W x 60"H - 26 Lights

Model #1057
Linterna Vigilante
"Linterna Vigilante"

Watchful Lantern
12"W x 20"H - 4 Lights

Model #2031

42"Diameter x 36"H - 10 Lights

Model #5003
Círculo del Fuego
"Círculo del Fuego"

Circle of Fire
32"H x 35"W - 8 Lights

Model #1042
Luz Magica
"Luz Magica"

Magical Light
60"W x 60"H - 24 Lights

Model #1026
Curvias Elegante
"Curvias Elegante"

Elegant Curves
29"H x 30"W - 8 Lights

Model #1021
Elegancia Magnifica
"Elegancia Magnifica"

Grand Elegance
48" Diameter x 48"H - 12 Lights

Model #1046
Elegancia Magnifica
"Elegancia Magnifica"

Grand Elegance
Custom Double Tier
50"W x 72"H - 20 Lights

Model #1047
Espiritu de Luz
"Espiritu de Luz"

Spirit of Light
37"H x 29"W - 8 Lights

Model #1004
Luz Ardiente
"Luz Ardiente"

Fiery Light
48"W x 42"H - 8 Lights

Model #1048
Mariposa Delicada
"Mariposa Delicada"

Delicate Butterfly
35"H x 26"W - 4 Lights

Model #1040
Sonar Curvas
"Sonar Curvas"

Dreaming Curves
40"H x 26"W - 6 Lights

Model #1009
Españoles Escudero
"Españoles Escudero"

Spanish Squire

22"H x 14"W - 4 Lights

Model #4042

18"H x 22"W - 4 Lights

Model #5001
Gran Joya
"Gran Joya"

72"H x 80"W

Model #1000
Desaparecre Fuego
"Desaparecre Fuego"

Disappearing Light
40"H x 36"W  - 12 Lights

Model #1017

30"W x 10"H - 6 Lights

Model #5011
Caballeros Linterna
"Caballeros Linterna"

Knights Lantern

28"H x 16"W - 6 Lights

Model #2036
Caerse Joy
"Caerse Joy"

Falling Jewel
45"H x 43"W - 15 Lights

Model #1015
Circle de la Pasión
"Circle de la Pasión"

Circle of Passion
38" x 38" - 6 Lights

Model #1036

22"H x 20"W - 4 Lights

Model #5002
Espanol Sueno
"Espanol Sueno"

Spanish Dream

26"W x 24"H - 6 Lights

Model #5010

The Hawk

25"H x 10"W - Single Light

Model #5023
Luz de la Sombra
"Luz de la Sombra"

Shadow Light
6"W x 13"H - Single Light

Model #5006
Luz que Teje
"Luz que Teje"

Weaving Light
18"W x 33"H - 5 Lights

Model #5008
Luz Torche
"Luz Torche"

Light Torch
7"W x 13"H - 3 Lights

Model #5009
Nueva Magico
"Nueva Magico"

New Magic
12"W x 18"H - 3 Lights

Model #5007
Nuevo Guerrero
"Nuevo Guerrero"

New Warrior

28"W x 40"L x 36"H - 12 Lights

Model #1058
Sombra Suave
"Sombra Suave"

Smooth Shade
12"H x 9"W x 9"D - 3 Lights

Model #5005
Vela Classica
"Vela Classica"

Classic Candle
60" Diameter - 14 Lights

Model #1056
Danzar la Galla
"Danzar la Galla"

Dancing Rooster
31"L x 26"W x 26"H - 8 Lights

Model #1031
Galla de Noche
"Galla de Noche"

Rooster of the Evening
27"H x 31"W - 6 Lights

Model #1001
Gallo de Manana
"Gallo de Manana"

Rooster of the Morning
34"H x 46"W - 6 Lights

Model #1002
Belleza de la Mariposa
"Belleza de la Mariposa"

Butterfly Beauty
48"W x 60"H - Dual Tier 16 Lights

Model #1039
Belleza de la Mariposa
"Belleza de la Mariposa"

Butterfly Beauty
40"W x 42"H - Single Tier 8 Lights

Model #1038
Llamativo Fuego
"Llamativo Fuego"

Striking Light
46"H x 34"W - 8 Lights

Model #1011
Serenada Buque
"Serenada Buque"

Serenading Bouquet
48"L x 24"W x 23"H - 6 Lights

Model #1041
El Hierro Nopal
"El Hierro Nopal"

Iron Cactus
27"H x 31"W - 6 Lights

Model #1030
Español Angel
"Español Angel"

Spanish Angel
17"W x 24"H - 4 Lights

Model #2005
Fantastico Guerrero
"Fantastico Guerrero"

Fantastic Warrior
38"W x 60"H - 16 Lights - 3 Tier

Model #1054
Fuego Fantastico
"Fuego Fantastico"

Fantastic Fire
42"W x 54"H - 9 Lights

Model #1037
Fuego Mágico
"Fuego Mágico"

Magical Fire
12"W x 26"H - 4 Lights

Model #2016
Mar de Volutes
"Mar de Volutes"

Sea of Scrolls
12"W x 28"H - 4 Lights

Model #2022
Resplandor Hermosa
"Resplandor Hermosa"

Beautiful Glow
40"W x 46"H - Single Tier - 8 Lights

Model #1043
Romantico Fuego
"Romantico Fuego"

Romantic Fire
28"H x 26"W - 6 Lights

Model #1027
Un Preclaro
"Un Preclaro"

Illustrious One
31"H x 48"W - 8 Lights

Model #1005
El Levar a Bailar
"El Levar a Bailar"

The Dance
22"H x 24"W - 6 Lights

Model #1010
El Socarrar Pasion
"El Socarrar Pasion"

Burning Passion
31"H x 29"W - 6 Lights

Model #1013
Follaje Elegante
"Follaje Elegante"

Elegant Leaves
25"H x 25"W - 6 Lights

Model #1022
Hacerse de Marinaro
"Hacerse de Marinaro"

Follow the Sea
28"H x 26"W - 6 Lights

Model #1023
La Brilliante Candella
"La Brilliante Candella"

The Bright Candle
22"H x 25"W - 6 Candles Only

Model #1008
La Estrella
"La Estrella"

Shooting Star
30"H x 24"W - 8 Lights

Model #1028
La Lumbre Buque
"La Lumbre Buque"

Light Bouquet
31"H x 25"W - 6 Lights

Model #1012
Lumbre Dor Serenata
"Lumbre Dor Serenata"

Lighting Serenade
26"H x 25"W - 6 Lights

Model #1016
Noche Oscura
"Noche Oscura"

Dark Night
33"H x 36"W - 6 Lights

Model #1029
Dorada Elegancia
"Dorada Elegancia"

Golden Elegance

25"H x 16"W - 4 Lights

Model #2042
Español Hojas
"Español Hojas"

Spanish Leaves
28"D x 20"H - 6 Lights

Model #1003
Espiritu de Hierro
"Espiritu de Hierro"

Iron Spirit
52"L x 26"W - 22 Lights

Model #1053
Guerrero del Hierro
"Guerrero del Hierro"

Iron Warrior
36"L x 24"W x 46"H - 6 Lights

Model #1050
Joya de la Flor
"Joya de la Flor"

Flower Jewel

24"W x 24"H - 8 Lights

Model #1070
La Ramillete
"La Ramillete"

Bouquet of Flowers
29"H x 20"W - 6 Lights

Model #1019
Oppulencia de Magico
"Oppulencia de Magico"

Magical Opulence
29"H x 26"W - 6 Lights

Model #1020
Pilar de Oro
"Pilar de Oro"

Golden Butterfly
28"H x 15"W - 6 Lights

Model #2015
Viejo Magico
"Viejo Magico"

Old Magic
12"W x 20"H - 3 Lights

Model #2018
Viejo Mundo
"Viejo Mundo"

Old World
28"H x 21"W - 6 - Lights

Model #1014
Corazones del Fuego
"Corazones del Fuego"

Hearts of Fire
12"W x 24"H - 4 Lights

Model #2006
Corona de Los Reyes
"Corona de Los Reyes"

King's Crown
60" Diameter -12 Lights

Model #1006
Joya de la Luz
"Joya de la Luz"

Joy of Light
14"W x 22"H - 4 Lights

Model #2017
Pétalos de la Luz
"Pétalos de la Luz"

Petals of Light
12"W x 24"H - 4 Lights

Model #2011
Volutas de la Luz
"Volutas de la Luz"

Scrolls of Light
16"W x 20"H - 5 Lights

Model #2021

27"H x 34"W - 8 Lights

Model #1024
Classico Arena de Luces
"Classico Arena de Luces"

Vintage Chandelier
40"L x 28"W - 8 Lights

Model #1035
Corona de Queens
"Corona de Queens"

Queen's Crown
20"W x 20"H - 8 Lights

Model #1044
Guerrero Redondo
"Guerrero Redondo"

Round Warrior
34"W x 37"H - 8 Lights

Model #1051
Linterna Imaginaria
"Linterna Imaginaria"

Fanciful Lantern
24"W x 38"H - 6 Lights

Model #2032
Noche Estrellada
"Noche Estrellada"

Starry Night
12"W x 24"H - 6 Sides 3 Lights

Model #2013
Ramo Español
"Ramo Español"

Spanish Bouquet
36"W x 42”H - 16 Lights

Model #1052
Resplandor Ligero
"Resplandor Ligero"

Light Glow
7.5"W x 14"H - 3 Lights

Model #2003
Resplandor Llameante
"Resplandor Llameante"

Flaming Glow
10"W x 19"H - 3 Lights, Mica Glass

Model #2014
Ruede de Carro
"Ruede de Carro"

Wagon Wheel
42"W x 42"H - 6 Lights

Model #1055
Cesta de Luz
"Cesta de Luz"

Basket of Lights
25"W x 26"H - 6 Lights

Model #2002
Jaula Ligera
"Jaula Ligera"

Light Cage
24"W x 26"H - 6 Lights

Model #2030
Lirio del Nilo
"Lirio del Nilo"

Lily of the Nile
10"W x 24"H - 3 Lights

Model #2023
Luz Agraciada
"Luz Agraciada"

Graceful Light
25"W x 46"H - 6 Lights

Model #2008
Luz Fascinadora
"Luz Fascinadora"

Fascinating Light
16"W x 20"H  - 4 Lights

Model #2020
Poderoso Fantasia
"Poderoso Fantasia"

Powerful Imagination
48"H x 46"W - 8 Lights

Model #1018
Sueños de la Mañana
"Sueños de la Mañana"

Morning Dreams
18"W x 30"H - 4 Lights

Model #2004
Círculos de la Luz
"Círculos de la Luz"

Circles of Light
48"W x 48"H - Single Tier - 8 Lights

Model #1034
Círculos de la Luz
"Círculos de la Luz"

Circles of Light
48"W x 60"H - Dual Tier - 12 Lights

Model #1033
Banke's de Luz
"Banke's de Luz"

Banke's Light
48"L x 44"W x 32"H

Model #1032
Hojas Brillantes
"Hojas Brillantes"

Glowing Leaves
22"H x 20"W x 32"L - 8 Lights

Model #1045
Luz Dorada
"Luz Dorada"

Golden Light
15"W x 15"H - 3 Lights

Model #2028
Rosetas de Luz
"Rosetas de Luz"

Rosettes of Light
60"W x 40"H - 12 Lights

Model #1025
Anillo de Luz
"Anillo de Luz"

Ring of Light

36"H x 44"W - 24 Lights

Model #1069
Flor de Luz
"Flor de Luz"

Light Blossum

26"W x 42"L -16 Lights

Model #1064
Luces Que Remolinan Custom
"Luces Que Remolinan Custom"

Custom Swirling Lights

32"H x 60"W - 14 Lights

Model #1066
Angel Capturado
"Angel Capturado"

Captured Angel

16"W x 22"H - 4 Lights

Model #2024
Manana Llamar
"Manana Llamar"

Morning Call
17"H x 38"L x 29"W

Model #1067
Gema Encantadora
"Gema Encantadora"

Delightful Gem
48"L x 24"W x 32"H - 10 lights

Model #1068
Luces Que Remolinan
"Luces Que Remolinan"

Swirling Lights
32"W x 48"L x 24"H - 6 lights

Model #1065
Vela Espanola
"Vela Espanola"

Spanish Candle
42"H x 14"W - 12 Lights

Model #1102
Joya Ligera
"Joya Ligera"

Light Jewel
38"H x 14"W - 6 Lights

Model #1100
Viejo Guerrero
"Viejo Guerrero"

Old Warrior
60 square 50"H - 22 Lights

Model #1101