Wrought Iron Outdoor Lighting



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Guerrero Luminoso
"Guerrero Luminoso"

Shining Warrior

36"H x 12"W - 4 Lights

Model #4034
Linterna Centinela
"Linterna Centinela"

Sentry Lantern
44"H x 10"W x 17"D - 4 Lights

Model #4044
Linterna Encantadora
"Linterna Encantadora"

Charming Lantern
9"W x 30"H - 4 Lights

Model #4028
Magnifica Luz
"Magnifica Luz"

Grand Light

40"H x 18"W x 30" Projection - 6 Lights

Model #4036
Noche Antorche
"Noche Antorche"

Night Torch

36"H x 16"W x 20" Projection - 6 Lights

Model #4037
Brillo Encantador
"Brillo Encantador"

Charming Glow
14"W x 36"H x 20"D - 4 Lights

Model #4032
Gran Guerrero
"Gran Guerrero"

Fine Warrior

42"H x 12"W x 15" Projection - 4 Lights

Model #4035
Guerrero Brilliante
"Guerrero Brilliante"

Bright Warrior

28"H x 12"W - 4 Lights

Model #4033
Bello Adelfa
"Bello Adelfa"

Beautiful Oleander
36"H x 19"W x 22"D - 6 Lights

Model #4017
Elegante Brillo
"Elegante Brillo"

Elegant Glow

38"W x 16"H - 4 Lights

Model #4038
Grande Candella
"Grande Candella"

Grand Light Pendant
16" W x 28" H - 4 Lights

Model #2010
Curvias Fantastico
"Curvias Fantastico"

Romantic Curves
28"H x 12"W x 14"D - 2 Lights

Model #4019
Curioso Fuego
"Curioso Fuego"

Curious Fire
43"H x 15"W x 17"D - 4 Lights

Model #4011
Fiesta de Luz
"Fiesta de Luz"

Festival of Lights
29"H x 18"W - 4 Lights

Model #2009
Linterna Vigilante
"Linterna Vigilante"

Watchful Lantern
12"W x 20"H - 4 Lights

Model #2031
El Socarrar Noche
"El Socarrar Noche"

Burning Night
40"H x 12"W x 15"D - 3 Lights

Model #4005
Grande Candella
"Grande Candella"

Grand Light
36"H x 16"W x 18"D - 4 Lights

Model #4016
La Linterna Brilliante
"La Linterna Brilliante"

The Bright Lantern
36"H x 10"W x 9"D - Single Light

Model #4008
Encantandor Buque
"Encantandor Buque"

Delightful Bouquet
31"H x 18"W - 3 Lights

Model #4013
Españoles Escudero
"Españoles Escudero"

Spanish Squire

22"H x 14"W - 4 Lights

Model #4042
Luz de la Noche
"Luz de la Noche"

Light of the Night

16"W x 26"H x 20"D - 4 Lights

Model #4026
Luz Dulce
"Luz Dulce"

Sweet Light
24"H x 12"W - Single Light

Model #4030
Maravilla de la Noche
"Maravilla de la Noche"

Wonder of the Night
15"W x 32"H - 4 Lights

Model #4024
Caída de Sombra
"Caída de Sombra"

Shadow Fall
24"H x 7"W - Single Light

Model #4014
El Matador
"El Matador"

The Matador

38"H x 14"W - 4 Lights

Model #4039
Guerrero Manana
"Guerrero Manana"

Morning Warrior

24"H x 12"W - 2 Lights

Model #4041
Guerrero Pendant
"Guerrero Pendant"

Warrior Pendant
20"W x 22"H - 6 Lights

Model #2029
Lumbre Pasion
"Lumbre Pasion"

Light of Passion
12"W x 21"H - 3 Lights

Model #2026
Noche Dulce
"Noche Dulce"

Sweet Night
28"H x 12"W - Single Light

Model #4029
Tres Candellas
"Tres Candellas"

Three Candles
20"H x 12"W - 3 Lights

Model #2007
Victorioso Noche
"Victorioso Noche"

Victorious Knight
23"H x 8"W x 11"D - Single Light

Model #4025
Noche Elegante
"Noche Elegante"

Elegant Night
10"W x 44"H x 15"D - Single Light

Model #4003
Noche Fuego
"Noche Fuego"

Dark Fire
30"H x 13"W x 17"D - 4 Lights

Model #4020
Brilliante Antorcho
"Brilliante Antorcho"

The Brilliant Torch
37"H x 16"W x 17"D - Single Light

Model #4007
Princesa de Fuego
"Princesa de Fuego"

Fiery Princess
14"W x 26"H x 15"D - Single Light

Model #4010
Caballero Forjado
"Caballero Forjado"

Forged Knight

18"H x 10"W - 4 Lights

Model #5022
Duelos Corazones
"Duelos Corazones"

Dueling Hearts
8"W x 16"H x 8"D - Single Light

Model #4001
El Guerrero
"El Guerrero"

The Warrior
12"W x 24"H x 5" D - 3 Lights

Model #4015
Fuego Mágico
"Fuego Mágico"

Magical Fire
12"W x 26"H - 4 Lights

Model #2016
Mar de Volutes
"Mar de Volutes"

Sea of Scrolls
12"W x 28"H - 4 Lights

Model #2022
Resplandor de la Noche
"Resplandor de la Noche"

Night Glow
12"W x 20"H - Single Light

Model #4022
Sueños Dulces
"Sueños Dulces"

Sweet Dreams
20"H x 12"W - Single Light

Model #2033
Resplandor Suave
"Resplandor Suave"

Classic Glow
7"W x 31"H - 4 Lights

Model #4023
Sombra Danza
"Sombra Danza"

Shadow Dance
7"W x 20"H x 11"D - 3 Lights

Model #4012
Squire Espanol
"Squire Espanol"

Spanish Squire
36"H x 11"W x 22"D - 4 Lights

Model #4027
Suave de Sombra
"Suave de Sombra"

Soft Shade
34"H x 9"W x 15"D - Single Light

Model #4009
Caja de Sombra
"Caja de Sombra"

Shadow Box
24"H x 10"W x 7"D - 3 Lights

Model #4021
Fuego Suave
"Fuego Suave"

Soft Fire
12"H x 6"W - Single Light

Model #5014
Noche Fuerte
"Noche Fuerte"

Strong Night
10"W x 26"H x 15"D - Single Light

Model #5021
Tallada Luz
"Tallada Luz"

Carved Light
14"W x 22"H x 7"D - Single Light

Model #4006
Victoria Espanola
"Victoria Espanola"

Spanish Victory
16"W x 26"H x 20"D- 6 Lights

Model #4018
Corazones del Fuego
"Corazones del Fuego"

Hearts of Fire
12"W x 24"H - 4 Lights

Model #2006
Linterna Imaginaria
"Linterna Imaginaria"

Fanciful Lantern
24"W x 38"H - 6 Lights

Model #2032
Noche Estrellada
"Noche Estrellada"

Starry Night
12"W x 24"H - 6 Sides 3 Lights

Model #2013
Lirio del Nilo
"Lirio del Nilo"

Lily of the Nile
10"W x 24"H - 3 Lights

Model #2023
Luz Agraciada
"Luz Agraciada"

Graceful Light
25"W x 46"H - 6 Lights

Model #2008
Españoles Caballero
"Españoles Caballero"

Spanish Knight

20"H x 12.5"W x 8" Projection

Model #4043