Bright Ideas for Lighting A SMALL ROOM

When decorating any space in your home, getting the lighting just right can be the difference between a beautiful room and an unattractive, dysfunctional area. Like kitchens, bathrooms, and offices, book nooks require just the right lighting to be useful.   A small room or reading area with poor lighting is not only less adorable, […]

How to Make Your Light Fixtures Pull The Whole Room Together

Many people treat light fixtures as an afterthought in their interior design. This seems a bit silly when the light fixtures we use allow us to really see and appreciate our design handiwork, right? Let’s give lighting the spotlight it deserves and figure out how to make it a central part of the most elegant […]

Design Choices: One Statement Chandelier Or A Cluster?

Chandeliers have caught your eye for your new design — but how much chandelier is too much? For new chandelier buyers, there a couple rules of thumb you should be acquainted with. For example, the classic dining room chandelier. Generally, hanging light fixtures should fall Chandeliers have caught your eye for your new design — but […]

A Brief History Of Chandelier Materials

Looking at the array of styles and materials available for a chandelier design can be absolutely dizzying. Where did these classic silhouettes and passed down pieces of craftsmanship come from? Here’s a mini guide to different materials and lighting used through history for these unique light fixtures, all of which inspire artisans today! Materials Different […]