Custom Iron Lighting Design & Placement


When you purchase a home, you may not think much about the lighting that comes along with it. But over time, many homeowners notice that the style and placement of their lighting doesn’t meet their needs. That’s because builders sometimes cut corners on lighting with few or low-cost fixtures because they don’t understand the necessity of beautiful lighting. Thankfully, custom lighting design can help create a more welcoming, comfortable atmosphere in almost any space.


It is the icing on the cake, the jewelry with the gown. Trust your lighting designer to know what the builders don’t.


Did you realize that the style, placement, and quality of lighting can affect almost 20 different factors for humans, energy efficiency, and architecture? That’s according to the International Association of Lighting Designers.

Of course, people are the most important factor in any type of residential design. Good lighting can improve physical factors such as visibility, safety, and the ability to accurately distinguish between colors and details. However, it can also improve mood, atmosphere, and social interactions. The same qualities also apply to lighting fixtures for commercial locations such as offices, restaurants, and retail stores.

As you can see, custom lighting design will help you make the most of your home. Professional custom lighting designers are experts in all of the above areas and more.

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