How To Light A Living Room

Proper lighting of the living room is a part of being a homeowner. Given the importance of the living room, as it’s where most of the time is typically spent with friends and family, properly lighting it will allow your family and guests to get the most enjoyment possible out of your home. With proper lighting comes the ability to clearly see what’s going on – whether it’s playing a board game on Friday game night or reading the daily paper on a Sunday evening. In this post from the Illuminaries blog, we’ll give you some tips on how to properly light your living room. 

Consider What’s Important To Your Living Room

Everybody’s living room is laid out differently. While there may be some similarities, like a couch or a television, the layout of the room is always different from home to home. This means lighting should be laid out to reflect the different features of your living room. Here are a few areas to consider regarding the lighting of your living room: 

Task Lighting 

Have an area of your living room where you commonly do things like crossword puzzles, browse the internet, or even get some remote work done? Usually, areas like this are towards the edge of the couch accompanied by an end table, or a recliner-style chair with its own end table. Having ample lighting for these areas is important so you can clearly see what you’re working on, business and pleasure alike. 

Television Lighting 

If there’s a television in your living room, you might want to consider shedding some light on it. With televisions, it’s important that lighting is not causing a glare on the screen. It’s for this reason that lighting a television is best done from behind. There are many light strips made specifically for televisions, but using recessed lighting above, beneath, or from both angles is ideal for lighting a television without a light strip. 

Accent Lighting

Now that you’ve covered the most important features of your living room, let’s shift our attention to the less important details. Accent lighting accompanies the primary lighting of your living room but can work to really make it pop. Things like artwork and architectural features are a great choice on focus when deciding upon accent lighting. Make sure to choose the less important features of your living room that you want most to be the secondary “subject” of your living room. 

Ambient Lighting

Finally, once you’ve decided upon your primary and accent lighting, it’s time to turn to ambient lighting. Depending on the layout of your living room, ambient lighting can come from a number of sources. Recessed with the ceiling in the corner of the room, or towards the floor pointing upwards are both popular choices. With ambient lighting, the focus should be more on things like countertops and shelving units as opposed to a television or a painting. Soft, tasteful lighting is the best choice for the ambient lighting of a living room. 

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